Bears, bears, bears …..

In one of our recent posts about the National Parks, we wrote about how different the parks were in what they offered the visitor. There is however, one thing all the parks along the length of the Rocky Mountains have in common and that’s bears! One could be excused for thinking that the Rocky Mountain... Continue Reading →

A day in Salt Lake City

The centrepiece of Salt Lake City today is not unlike many cities around the world, where a church and a plaza are the centre of the community. Here however, it is not a Catholic heritage as we have seen through South America. Salt Lake City is home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day... Continue Reading →

Zion National Park

From Bryce Canyon it was a short 140km drive to Zion National Park. Yet again, the drive took us through spectacular country and interesting small towns with businesses making their living from being close to these major National Parks. Approaching Zion NP from the east, you pass an entry gate which is on the main... Continue Reading →

Bryce Canyon National Park

The route we chose from Moab to Bryce Canyon National Park went though a series of unexpectedly spectacular regions, which bordered each other with little in between. Firstly past the quirky landforms of Goblin State Park, then through Capitol Reef National Park, the evergreen mountain region of Dixie National Forest, then through part of Grand... Continue Reading →

Arches National Park

Tourist Information Centres, aka Visitors Centres, are well promoted and sign-posted in most US towns. At the point of entry to each state, they are wonderfully informative places with free maps and coffee and smiling staff welcoming you to their town and state. The amount of information can be overwhelming. In the case of the... Continue Reading →

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