Paraiso Swisse

Well, the birthday celebrations are over (Tom’s and Stewart's in Uruguay and Leah and Christopher’s in Australia). We have spent the last couple of days in Paraiso Swisse organizing the vehicles. By this we mean finding places in our vehicles for all the items we bought with us, testing bits of equipment (solar panels, cooking... Continue Reading →

We have our cars!

    We are thrilled to announce that we have our cars. All formalities were completed this afternoon(Wednesday) by the 3 hombres (fellas) who were well supported by our agent here and very happy with how smoothly everything has gone. Restricted access meant that the wharf area was not a place for extra people, so... Continue Reading →

What are we doing?

Ok, so here's the plan - it's pretty loose, as I'm sure you'll appreciate. The six of us: Tom and Jeanette, Pete and Barb and Ailsa and I, fly out of Adelaide on the 24th October, bound for Buenos Aires. We'll have four days in BA, checking out the sights and familiarising ourselves with the... Continue Reading →

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