Heading north to the border

After much discussion and deliberation as we awaited the release of the troopy from the confines of the container port, we decided our priority was to get to the border and into the US. One of things we had hoped we would be able to do as part of this trip was to drive the... Continue Reading →

A week in Veracruz, Mexico

Hernán Cortés arrived at the site of present day Veracruz on Good Friday, April 21st 1519 and began his siege of Mexico shortly thereafter. By 1521 he had crushed the Aztec empire…Veracruz provided Mexico’s gateway to the outside world for over 400 years. Invaders and pirates, incoming and outgoing rulers, settlers, silver and slaves –... Continue Reading →

CDMX – Mexico City

Cuidad de Mexico or CDMX or Mexico City Having 5 days to 'fill in' whilst the car was in transit from Cartagena to Veracruz, we decided a visit to Mexico City might be a good way to have a break and explore a different kind of landscape. With a population of 35 million or so... Continue Reading →

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