Markets and Cholitas in Bolivia

The city of Cochabumba is nestled in a fertile valley and at one time was the ‘food bowl’ for a large area that included the mining city of Potosi to the South. Street markets abound in this region, as they do all over Bolivia and as a traveller, they are always a great place to... Continue Reading →

Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos and a tour of the Museum of the Industrial Revolution (read: Meat Processing Plant!)  Many of you will recognise the name of this town from your younger days – perhaps from a culinary point of view! Yep, this is the place the legendary OXO cubes and canned meat came from! Now a UNESCO... Continue Reading →

First impressions of Montevideo

We have done some walking around the old town area of Montevideo which like Buenos Aires, has some very impressive old French inspired architecture that is really showing its age. There are some beautiful old buildings if you look up, however it’s been a bit grey thus far for good photographs so we are hoping... Continue Reading →

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