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22 August 2018

We are Aussies who worked and lived in the Northern Territory for 33 years, recently moving back to South Australia to begin a new chapter of our lives. We have always camped and enjoyed travelling in all its forms, meeting people and learning about how others live both in Australia and other parts of the world.

“Lets drive from Ushuaia to Alaska – that would be fun wouldn’t it?”

The idea came to us in 2010 when driving across the Simpson Desert in South Australia with friends Jeanette and Tom, on what turned out to be the first of many long trips together.

8 years later the idea has become a reality.

It took us 6 years of casual discussion before we got serious about the idea and after a lot of research, in late 2016, we bought identical vehicles for the trip. For most of the next 2 years, researching the trip and preparing the vehicles took up a good deal of our time. The vehicles were standard Troopies with no modifications when we bought them and we did most of the work ourselves.

And then there were 6 of us!

We had mutual friends who decided to come for a drive with us. In late 2017, Peter and Barb bought the same model Troopy. This car had been lovingly set up by a previous owner but still required some major preparation to get ready. The 3 Troopies were shipped from Adelaide to Montevideo, leaving Adelaide in the last week of August 2018.

In preparation for our journey to ‘Drive the Americas’ we have greatly appreciated the ideas that other like minded travellers have shared online on personal blogs and more open Facebook groups. We hope that some will find our pages interesting and that by sharing our stories, we are giving something back to those who follow. For information about the modifications to the troop carrier there is a link on the homepage.

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