Dinosaur National Monument

Our next destination was Dinosaur National Monument which is a huge area of protected land which straddles the Colorado Utah border. ‘National Monument’ and ‘National Park’ seem to be interchangeable terms for the same thing and our information told us that the Colorado side had the beautiful scenery and the Utah side had the bones! Our intel was right and the drive into and our campsite in Echo Park was stunning.

The town of Dinosaur is the gateway to the Utah side of the monument and is aptly named given it is the place where one of the richest known dinosaur beds in the world was discovered in 1905. 700,000 tonnes of bones and material from ten different species of dinosaur were removed from the area between 1909 and 1924 and now reside in museums around the USA. Good news is there are still plenty to see in an impressive exhibit in the park. Sorry about the lack of photos – believe me the bones were big and plentiful!

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