Arches National Park

Tourist Information Centres, aka Visitors Centres, are well promoted and sign-posted in most US towns. At the point of entry to each state, they are wonderfully informative places with free maps and coffee and smiling staff welcoming you to their town and state. The amount of information can be overwhelming. In the case of the... Continue Reading →

Dinosaur National Monument

Our next destination was Dinosaur National Monument which is a huge area of protected land which straddles the Colorado Utah border. 'National Monument' and 'National Park' seem to be interchangeable terms for the same thing and our information told us that the Colorado side had the beautiful scenery and the Utah side had the bones!... Continue Reading →

Rocky Mountains National Park

With a rough plan of visiting the National and State Parks along the route north to Canada, we left Colorado Springs and headed for Rocky Mountain National Park. Staying off the Interstate, we passed to the west of Denver and slowly climbed, passing through some heavy hail storms and beautiful country side. Keeping in mind... Continue Reading →

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