Colorado Springs

We took the road east towards Colorado Springs visiting Stewart’s sister Marian and her husband Jim. This was a lovely family week, just relaxing at home, chatting and catching up with J and M’s adult ‘kids’, Anita and Mark. Troopy had a ‘sleepover’ at the mechanics for some timely maintenance while we rested and his status has been elevated to ‘celebrity’ according to the mechanics who did the work on him and visitors to the workshop during the day.

Colorado Springs sits on the eastern slopes of a snow-capped mountain range and the buildings, cars and houses leave no doubt that it is a well to do city that provides a myriad of outdoor enthusiast activities for locals and visitors alike. This ‘Outdoor store’ was a cross between a NorthFace shop and an amusement park!

Garden of the Gods on the Western edge of Colorado Springs. Walking trails, Mountain Bike tracks and visitors fro all over come here to check out the beautiful weather and environment.

The climate is dry. It rains in summer and snows in winter and apparently Colorado has 300 days of sunshine a year, making it just perfect for outdoor pursuits. According to locals, Pike’s Peak, just out of town, is the most visited Mountain in the USA and also has the best donuts in the world due to the rarefied air in which they are made! The drive up was stunning but snow the night before prevented us from reaching the top and trying out the donuts!

Driving up Pike Peak, the guy in the cross between a grader and a truck told us to wait until the road was cleared. Just in case we wanted to go on, the blue and orange monster came around the corner – we decided to stop!

It was certainly a pretty drive – and very popular!

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  1. We can both only imagine how much you enjoyed that rest and some home comforts. You’re not carrying any weight Stewart! Hope Marion fed you up on some good USA tucker! Colorado is one state we haven’t made it to yet….it’s on the list though. Have another friend from Alice living there. Waiting to hear what’s next. Cheers from Manchester!


    1. Hi Karen, yes we managed to eat well and of course over ordered at the ‘Outback Steakhouse’ one night! Colorado is a beautiful state. We just love the ‘Million Dollar Highway’. its a beautiful drive. We’ve also really enjoyed the parks in southern Utah as you’ll see from our next few posts!


  2. Hi Ailsa Stewart
    That would have been great catching up with Stewart’s family
    What an amazing holiday
    We are having very heavy frost here down to -4 degrees but lovely sunny days 10–14 degrees
    Port had great win over Geelong
    Take care
    Lyn David xx


    1. Yes the family time was great. We’re back on the road again now. Heading into Wyoming soon and whenever we discuss it, we think of you and your trip to Wyoming. We hope your new home is nice and warm with more very cold days ahead.


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