Challenges on the road north

The main road north from the border has been the site of some local community unrest over the past month. A number of sections of the road had been closed when local indigenous people set up road-blocks and refused to let anyone pass in an anti-government protest. The indigenous organizations demand access to land, fair... Continue Reading →

Santuario Las Lajas

Santuario Las Lajas in southern Colombia is one very spectacular church! We had been told not to miss this place and were glad we didn’t. From the carpark high above the church you board a gondola (for about 3 bucks return) that takes you slowly down across a steep valley and then into a canyon,... Continue Reading →

Near Ibarra – our last stop in Ecuador

Having experienced the best that Volcan Cotopaxi had to offer and with something more scenic in mind, we headed north through Quito to Ibarra, just 125km from the border with Ecuador. There, we found ourselves the guests of Hans, a retired German who had found a beautiful spot to set up his private campground and... Continue Reading →

Heading inland to the Amazon Basin

With the choice of more ruins and churches or the green, green jungles of the Amazon, we chose the latter and headed inland to Misahualli on the Rio Napo. The roads were windy, steep and slow going but the dense jungle plants and flowers, waterfalls cascading onto the road and regular rock falls kept things... Continue Reading →

Finally Ecuador!

After 4 weeks in Peru we crossed into Ecuador at the main border crossing on the Pan American highway. Heading towards the border , we saw groups of people walking along the side of the road carrying small bags and sometimes bedrolls or suitcases. We presumed these people were refugees from Venezuela and this was... Continue Reading →

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