Colours of Colombia

As we have moved through South America, some things have ‘struck’ us as defining, not so much individual countries but geographical areas that cross borders. Whether it be the harshness and beauty of Patagonia, the stillness and enormity of the mountain passes that cross the Andes or the desert country of northern Chile and Argentina, these features remain lasting memories. The strength of the people’s culture, so strong in Bolivia, continues north, through Peru, Ecuador and Columbia. With the culture, comes colour, from the dresses and wraps of the Bolivian cholitas to the blankets, ponchos and head-wear of Peru and Ecuador. In Colombia, this seems to step up again in many small towns, no doubt strengthened by the Caribbean influences in the north of the country. Enjoy the slideshow of Colombian colour.

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  1. Can’t believe you are nearly ready to leave South America. Have really enjoyed your notes. Xx Oh well, onto the next adventure. Xxx

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