El Peñol & Guatapé

Medellin is now a favourite city amongst Colombians and an extremely popular nearby  attraction is the village of Guatapé which sits on the edge of an enormous man-made lake. The banks of the lake, are lined with private waterside ‘weekenders’ and the occasional luxury hotel. You can do boat tours .. or climb the iconic... Continue Reading →

Getting to Medellin

Getting to Medellin from Salento was a short 270kms. The drive took 12 hours! A few road works hold ups took 3 hours in total. During one 90 minute stop, we were surprised by two Aussies on a motorbike who stopped to say hi because we were the first Aussies they'd seen in 5 months.... Continue Reading →


Salento, now one of Colombia’s major tourist attractions is known for its colonial architecture, verdant tropical vegetation, proximity to Los Nevados National Park and coffee. The village itself is small, with a population of about 7,000, and has retained its traditional colonial architecture as a result of the major route to Bogota being diverted during... Continue Reading →

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