Santuario Las Lajas

Santuario Las Lajas in southern Colombia is one very spectacular church! We had been told not to miss this place and were glad we didn’t. From the carpark high above the church you board a gondola (for about 3 bucks return) that takes you slowly down across a steep valley and then into a canyon, complete with rushing water, waterfall and revealing a church wedged into the vertical sides of the canyon. Not sure what would possess anyone to build a church here, but it is impressive.


To top it off, at dusk, just when you thought things were winding down, the coloured lights come on and bring the place to life again!

It is beautiful inside and out, with the altar framed by unadorned natural rock face, bright chandeliers and the walls white and gold with a dominant blue theme to the stained glass windows. A very elegant church.

On the advice of Hans from our last camp in Ecuador, we camped in the car park of the sky rail (teleferico), with the blessing of the security guard who seemed pleased to have the company. Clean toilets,  free wifi and our own security guard – you can’t get much more convenient than that!


And a couple more photos …


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  1. Wonderful photos of magnificent building and interesting road traffick. I am almost lost for words but really enjoying the NOTES and pictures


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