Salento and great coffee!

Salento is a beautiful little town in the mountains surrounded by coffee plantations. It is a renowned coffee-producing region, now a UNESCO recognized area and we enjoyed a tour of a working coffee plantation, seeing the process of picking, sorting and roasting first hand.

A lesson in making a great coffee followed the tour, which proved that the best coffee was the coffee made the way you enjoy it, no matter how rare, cheap or expensive or who made it!

Under strict instructions, Ailsa was chosen to make ‘the perfect cup of coffee’ for the rest of the group – she passed with flying colours, despite the serious look on our guide’s face!

Our campground was at the back of a hostel with stunning views over the valley of dairy cows and coffee plantations. There was a snow-capped volcano somewhere out there but we only glimpsed it once through the veil of clouds.

Sadly we said goodbye to the Treasures who set off towards Bogota. From there they will fly to Wales to meet their newborn grandson. The Clarke’s meanwhile are making their way through Peru, some 3 weeks or so behind us. We will continue to head north to Cartagena where we will put the car on a ship to Veracruz in Mexico. From now until mid-July we’ll be travelling on our own through Mexico and the US and into Canada. Here, the 6 of us will meet up and continue on to Alaska as originally planned. Initial talk of a reunion at Lake Louise Hotel or Banff Springs Hotel seems like a great idea!

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