Cotopaxi – what might have been!

Having had our fill of big cities, we decided not to call into Quito. However, in passing to the south and east of the city we detoured back up into the Andes to take a look at Cotapaxi, one of the highest volcanoes in the world. It has erupted more than 50 times in the last 300 years and on a clear day it can be seen from Quito.

We found this picture of Cotopaxi (above) on the internet – this is what it looks like on a bright sunny day.

However ……… on a cloudy day you can’t see a thing!


Ever the optomists, we hung around overnight in the carpark (at 3,500 metres and near freezing) hoping for a better view in the morning. Bad move!


The car park was cold, wet and misty from the time we arrived in the afternoon till we left in the morning. In case you were wondering the washing hanging on the line got wetter!
We did see this bird though – as you can see, he was about as impressed as we were with the view!

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