Nazca Lines

A desert city, Nasca sits in a green valley surrounded by barren mountains. It is dusty, busy and we quickly lamented the beautiful green mountain scenery and culture that we had left behind. We were here to visit the Nazca lines, but the area around Nasca has a variety of other ruins from different civilisations... Continue Reading →

Moray to Nasca

After a few days exploring the ancient sites in the Sacred Valley, it was time to head to the coast. Leaving Moray, the drive took us through some beautiful high plateau farming land before descending and ascending in seemingly endless succession. We started the drive at about 3,500m above sea level and during the next... Continue Reading →

The Sacred Valley

To reach Machu Picchu, you travel along the Sacred Valley by road, rail or foot through numerous villages that have been there for centuries. Some of these are the site of ruined forts and temples which were built by or added to during the Inca Empire. Some fared better than others at the hands of... Continue Reading →

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