Traversing Argentina – again (!) to Salta

The guy in the photo above really did sell the best empanadas we tasted in Argentina.

From the bottom of Paraguay it took us 2 days to get to Salta in North Western Argentina. Mostly good roads except for a 50 km stretch of the worst road in the world – no kidding! We laid up for a few days in Salta and had the cars serviced – new oil and grease and fuel, air and filters changed. (Remember this – it’s significant as will be explained in the next post!) Salta had a couple of very interesting museums highlighting the indigenous cultures from both this area and areas stretching up into Bolivia and Peru and a number of impressive buildings, but it was more a transit point for us as we headed North from here on our way back into Chile.

Sadly, Pete and Barb informed us of their need to head home for family reasons, so this put a dampener on leaving here, but we celebrated appropriately on our last night together. They were to head North for a day or so before looping back and heading straight to Uruguay to put the car in storage until their return at a later date.

Me quedo aqui – translation – I stay here. This guy’s friends must have been having trouble finding him. He fixed that!



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