Esteros del Ibera

Our recent research seemed to suggest that we should avoid the Pantanal in Brazil at this time of the year as it may be impassable due to the wet season and the mozzies would carry you away. So on the way to Iguazu, we visited Esteros del Ibera, a wetland area in north eastern Argentina – a mini Pantanal if you like. Actually some of the driving went through areas not unlike the Gulf Country in Qld / NT, so we felt a bit at home at times.

On the way, but before arriving at the park, we saw an enormous spider. We mean enormous. It was crossing the road and we were driving at 90km an hour and WE COULD SEE ITS LEGS MOVE AS IT WAS TAKING STEPS! We don’t want to see another one when we are not safely locked in the car – unless its preserved and in a museum.

More interesting and less stressful were the cabybaras on the side of the road and the white storks, herons and Jabirus (yep, Jabirus) along the side of the road. Cabybaras are just like giant guinea pigs, but have the same relaxed, laid back attitude to life as koalas. They wandered around the camp ground in small families, in total ignorance of the paying customers.

On the early morning boat tour at the park, we were lucky to see plenty of cabybaras, (not doing much) marsh deer, (very shy) southern screamers, (a strange mixture of about 5 different birds) caiman, (small salties without the bite factor). The animals are all so calm, making excellent photo opportunities. We spent three nights at this campsite – it had everything except wifi! Now 250 km’s closer to Iguazo, we have stopped at a campground with fast wifi! Hence, you are getting all these posts at once, we hope you enjoy!

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  1. Enjoying your travels very much. We saw a spider like that once in Mexico and the memory sticks! We thought a tarantula? And your mention of the Spanish history is relevant in light of our recent travel and now here in Southern California… long ago but what an impact the Spaniards had, not all good, not all bad. Keep the stories coming….. we have only a week left of our trip.😢


  2. I loved the adjacent village where you can buy bread and some other stuff, with some streets half reclaimed by the bush. No Wifi and a very low mobile reception.


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