Problems on the Way to the Pass!

North of Salta, we passed through the Quebrada de Humahuaca region, an area of great roads and spectacularly colourful landscapes. We spent a day and a half driving the area and visiting the small but busy tourist towns of Humahuaca and Tilcara. The area has a very different cultural look and feel to it and... Continue Reading →

3 days in Paraguay

Why go to Paraguay? Why not? Paraguay is different from Argentina and Brazil with whom it shares a border at Cuidad del Este, just a stone throw from Iguazo. Crossing the border is chaos, traffic is clogged and it’s everyone for themselves – big white Troopies with bull-bars make some people think twice – or... Continue Reading →

Iguazu, Iguassu, Cataratas

How do you photograph something as enormous as Iguazu Falls? We think that the answer is – in small bits. The falls are so large and spread over such a huge area that it’s impossible to take one or even just two photographs. On the Argentinian side of the falls, there are about 8km of... Continue Reading →

Esteros del Ibera

Our recent research seemed to suggest that we should avoid the Pantanal in Brazil at this time of the year as it may be impassable due to the wet season and the mozzies would carry you away. So on the way to Iguazu, we visited Esteros del Ibera, a wetland area in north eastern Argentina... Continue Reading →

Parques Ischigaulasto and El Chiflon

This next set of photos were taken over four days where we covered some amazing country, traveling north and then east, taking in a couple of parks: Parque National Ischigualasto and Parque Provincial El Chiflon. As you have seen through photos on the blog over the past 3 months, Argentinian parks are wonderful places with... Continue Reading →

Paso Agua Negra

North of Santiago, there are about a dozen places to cross the border between Chile and Argentina and all require some high altitude driving over the Andes. No more so than at the point we chose! Paso Agua Negra takes you up to almost 4800 metres and although some of our drives to date have... Continue Reading →

Pisco Elqui

We headed East where the hills turned to rocky, then bare brown grey mountains and the green-bottomed lush valleys between got bigger and bigger. Vineyards and various other fruit orchards adorned the valleys. This is where they grow the grapes that are made into the spirit Pisco which is used to make the sublimely refreshing... Continue Reading →

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