Chiloe to Santiago

A quick drive north.

We left Chiloe heading for Puerto Varas where the plan was to book the cars in for servicing. Using iOverlander, we selected and located a recommended mechanics workshop. Arriving at 3pm, we expected to have to wait a day or so before they could do the 3 vehicles – but not in Chile. 3 hours later we drove out of there, all vehicles having oil changes, fresh grease and a good look over! A few grease nipples needed to be replaced on our car (never heard of grease nipples unscrewing themselves, but there you go!) A new air filter for Clarkey and we were gone!

We stayed overnight nearby at Llanquehue on the beautiful lake side with views across the lake to two volcanoes. The sun was shining and the view was stunning. Oops, we didn’t take advantage of this photo opportunity. The next morning both volcanoes were shrouded in clouds and fog so the photos have an eerie appearance.

During the next few days we travelled a 1000 kms north; enjoyed a rainforest walk on a hunt for photogenic waterfalls; took a chair lift into the snow line on Volcan Orsono; drove past snow capped Volcan Villarica (erupted 2015); stumbled upon the stunning lava fields of the 2010 eruption of Volcan Lliama (Last erupted 2009); searched out and photographed some more Monkey Puzzle Trees; met a Taiwanese cyclist suffering from near heat exhaustion; enjoyed interacting with some vendors at the fruit and vegetable market in Chillan; drove past huge eucalypt plantations, corn fields, wheat fields, cattle and sheep, vineyards, lakes, rainforest and about 100km of roadside stalls selling cheese before finally arriving in Santiago where we battled the traffic and really stretched the capacity of the GPS finding our way to our digs.

Claudia and Patricio’s B&B was also hosting the Argentinian Soccer Team – well not THE Argentine Soccer team, a slighter younger mob of fellas from Argentina, trying out for Chilean teams.

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