How’s your Spanish?

You can imagine that after 2 months on the road, we have had a whole range of bathroom ‘experiences’ in campgrounds, petrol stations, cafes and even the odd public toilet when they can be found. Whilst cleanliness has not generally been an issue, the quality of plumbing that we are used to at home has rarely been seen. In public places, toilet seats are rare and toilet paper even more rare! Toilets that don’t flush, toilets that do flush but don’t clear, drains in showers that the water flows away from and taps that require a great deal of experimentation to master! Going to the bathroom is like many other everyday things as we travel – an ongoing adventure! The number of funny stories of what we have found and experienced to date, continues to grow, and would without doubt amaze and amuse readers. However, what we would like to share on this post is an amazing attempt by a gentleman running a campground in San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. All the signs here were visible from where I stood at the wash basin – and it was a small bathroom! By the time you’ve read all the signs, I have no doubt you would have forgotten why you were there! Our best English translations are below the photos.

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