Perito Moreno Glacier

You may have seen the shots we took of the glacier in Torres del Paine. We took a cruise on a catamaran across Laguna Grey to see the glacier up close and it was a great experience. However, we drove out to Perito Moreno Glacier the day before Christmas and were completely blown away! If this isn’t one of nature’s big success stories we don’t know what is – hence it deserves its own little post!

One finger of the glacier from 10km’s away

The third biggest glacier coming out of the Patagonian Ice-field, Perito Moreno is between 40 and 70 metres tall at its snout (that’d be the front!). It’s 5 km across and stretches back 35 km’s. Unlike most glaciers, Perito Moreno is advancing at up to 2 metres a day and chunks of ice are crashing into the water at regular intervals, the large ones producing icebergs that bob around in the water. Even when not dropping bits into the water (calving), it’s a noisy place to be with loud booms and rifle cracks emanating from somewhere unseen in the huge expanse of ice. The infrastructure of solid walkways along its width is fantastic and provides a close up view of what is an amazing natural event.

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  1. Incredible shot. I can almost hear the cracking. What a experience for everyone Ailsa. I have just sent a Facebook message and saw there was a post from yesterday. You look as though you are keeping as much warmth in as possible. Hadn’t seen the photos and it looks really beautiful .lovely to get these so soon after you visiting the spot.. Your journey sounds quite exhausting. Christmas breakfast sounded great. I think your appetites will expand in search of fuel to keep warmxxx!!! Live mum


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