South on the RN40

Bardas Blancas to Las Lajas     22/11/18


We left Bardas Blancas and headed down Ruta Nacional 40, following the Rio Grande and expecting a pretty straightforward run to Las Lajas about 420 k’s away. We headed off separately, thinking there might be a few possibilities for photos along the way. Well, words cannot adequately describe the scenery along this road. The area is hugely volcanic and lying up against the Andes means fast flowing rivers and snow capped peaks.DSC_0302

The huge variation in geological features, the colours and changes in the landscape over the course of the day we have tried to capture to some extent in the photos – better than we can in words. We all arrived at Los Lajas much later than expected at different times having spent the day ‘leap-frogging’ each other whilst stopped taking photos. None of us could remember a full day of such visual overload in all our combined travels!DSC_0316

This is definitely the beauty of travelling this way. The ability to decide on your own path, where and when you stop and constantly having the opportunity to talk to interested locals and other travellers about what we are doing, how and why we are doing it.




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