We have our cars!



We are thrilled to announce that we have our cars. All formalities were completed this afternoon(Wednesday) by the 3 hombres (fellas) who were well supported by our agent here and very happy with how smoothly everything has gone.

Restricted access meant that the wharf area was not a place for extra people, so the 3 mujeres(ladies) were not able to attend to observe the opening of 2 containers. This meant few photos were taken as there was much to do.

2 thoughts on “We have our cars!

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  1. Great news Moyse ( read that as Moys ee or ie…. ‘s senior! )
    having seen the work in progress I’m tickled pink to know you are now connected with the car/s, especially seeing how you did the refit, now it is time to enjoy your adventures.
    Loving the holiday news, love Kathy x


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