A Short Detour

Las Lajas to Junin de los Andes After Barb had visited the Informacion Turistica in Chos Malal, we decided on a detour away from the RN40. This route took us right to the Chilean border, up to the snow line and around a number of beautiful lakes. We didn’t arrive at our destination until about... Continue Reading →

South on the RN40

Bardas Blancas to Las Lajas     22/11/18   We left Bardas Blancas and headed down Ruta Nacional 40, following the Rio Grande and expecting a pretty straightforward run to Las Lajas about 420 k’s away. We headed off separately, thinking there might be a few possibilities for photos along the way. Well, words cannot adequately describe... Continue Reading →

Our first few days in Argentina

16/11/2018 – 20/11/2018 We crossed the border from Uruguay into Argentina about 10km west of Fray Bentos on Friday 16th November. Crossing the border into Argentina was quite smooth. We drove past about a hundred waiting trucks up to a booth like a road toll booth and handed over our passports. They were stamped out... Continue Reading →

Fray Bentos

Fray Bentos and a tour of the Museum of the Industrial Revolution (read: Meat Processing Plant!)  Many of you will recognise the name of this town from your younger days – perhaps from a culinary point of view! Yep, this is the place the legendary OXO cubes and canned meat came from! Now a UNESCO... Continue Reading →

La Paloma to Fray Bentos

We're using an app called Maps.me to navigate along with printed maps. The app allows you to navigate in the same way as Google maps but there is no need to be connected to a network. Using this fabulous technology allows us to plan then agree on the fine detail in a route before hopping... Continue Reading →

Along the Atlantic Coastline

Happy Birthday for the 12th Chris! After a couple of true rest days re-acquainting ourselves with troopy, we headed north along the Atlantic coast on Monday, stopping in Piriapolis for supplies and having a quick lunch at the top of a lookout on the northern edge of that beach. Views from this lookout at Piriapolis... Continue Reading →

Paraiso Swisse

Well, the birthday celebrations are over (Tom’s and Stewart's in Uruguay and Leah and Christopher’s in Australia). We have spent the last couple of days in Paraiso Swisse organizing the vehicles. By this we mean finding places in our vehicles for all the items we bought with us, testing bits of equipment (solar panels, cooking... Continue Reading →


Today, Friday November 9th was our first travel day. After a ‘bit of a hiccup’ getting a visa for Paraguay, (which is enough fodder for a blog post similar to the cup of tea story) we drove out of the garage at the London Palace Hotel, Montevideo some time between 2.30-3.00pm. We’re overnighting just 80km... Continue Reading →

We have our cars!

    We are thrilled to announce that we have our cars. All formalities were completed this afternoon(Wednesday) by the 3 hombres (fellas) who were well supported by our agent here and very happy with how smoothly everything has gone. Restricted access meant that the wharf area was not a place for extra people, so... Continue Reading →

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