What are we doing?

cropped-dsc_07361.jpgOk, so here’s the plan – it’s pretty loose, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate. The six of us: Tom and Jeanette, Pete and Barb and Ailsa and I, fly out of Adelaide on the 24th October, bound for Buenos Aires. We’ll have four days in BA, checking out the sights and familiarising ourselves with the language and local beverages. A ferry trip across to Colonia del Sacramento where we’ll spend a day checking out the history of the place and then a bus to Montevideo.  All going well, the ship carrying the containers with our vehicles will arrive on the 30th October and Eduardo, friendly shipping agent to many Overlanders in the past will be there to assist us to get the cars off the docks.  After a few days exploring Uruguay and learning about shopping, local safety, fuel, road rules and driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, we will head south through Argentina & Chile to Ushuaia. We don’t have a schedule but have some rough times estimated to keep us ‘on track’. Our intention is to have left Ushuaia and be heading north before the ‘Christmas rush’. From the southern most tip of South America, we plan on heading north through Patagonia and the southern part of Chile, then across to Rio de Janiero. After Rio, we’ll head west again through the Pantanal to enjoy the wildlife, into Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Its possible that we’ll have done all this in 6 months, and may ship the cars from Colombia to Mexico by May and continue to head North. On the other hand, we may not get nearly this far in this time! There’s lots to see in South America and we don’t expect to be hurrying! But, if you’re following this blog, you’ll know exactly where we are all the time, won’t you!


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  1. Aaaargh, you’ve been gone 3 days and we have to wait another day or maybe 2 before we get the first real live blog. We can’t stand it, pls post soon! [Hope all is well and swimmingly great]

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